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7 Handy Plugins for Your WordPress Website

21 January 2014

Detroit: There are ample websites out there that employ a content management system (CMS) to make it simpler for non-programmers to maintain and revise the website. WordPress is the most accepted CMS out there, mainly for blogging, as it lets you to simply copy the text from a Microsoft Word document and work with it, using the same skillset that one obtains using MS Word. The process of modifying your website can be as easy as procuring a custom WordPress theme – though there are a lot of decent themes obtainable for free as well – and making a few tweaks and adjustments.

How to Lessen WordPress Server Load?

21 January 2014

Detroit: WordPress is a very influential blogging and content management system, and some of the world’s top sites depend on it. If you employ WordPress for your blog, you may start to experience some lag when traffic begins to pick up, and it may sincerely influence the load on your server. Thus is a usual incidence as your blog ages and becomes more accepted, but it is something you can remedy.

The following are a few guidelines to aid you lessen the amount of load your WordPress site puts on your server:

The 3 Top Real Estate WordPress Themes Obtainable in 2013

21 January 2014

Detroit: Today’s real estate agents comprehend that a complete, highly-visible web presence is no longer alternative if growing your business and maintaining achievement in the real estate industry are things you would like to attain all through your career. Figures differ, but almost every home buyer today starts their home search online without some means for these perspective patrons to find you, there’s a good chance they won’t.

4 Well-Liked WordPress eCommerce Platforms

21 January 2014

Detroit: Most products for sale online are clear-cut, with varieties generally in colors and sizes. WordPress eCommerce plugins can be a simple, economical way to sell these items. If you already have a WordPress website, or decide to put up one, here are 4 popular WordPress eCommerce plugins.

1. WooCommerce

The HubSpot COS vs. WordPress

21 January 2014

Detroit: WordPress was the only platform to be chosen for developing websites. HubSpot platform was also preferred but of late it did not offer the design potential and flexibility that WordPress did.

10 Handy WordPress Widgets

21 January 2014

Detroit: If one is seeking some cool and useful WordPress widgets, this article has some in the lot. WordPress is kind of partial without its widgets and so they must be incorporated to make the site look more apt, useful and more potential to draw greater traffic. This article lists a few of the top WordPress widgets that have received good name for themselves.

Getting to Grips With WordPress for Your Blog or Website

21 January 2014

Detroit: It’s not hard to see why WordPress is a really popular alternative for building websites; it’s powerful, customizable, and most notably, free. More than 60 million sites now employ this robust platform which is the foundation of 18.9% of the top 10 million websites worldwide.

Used correctly, WordPress can be a very powerful tool, and allow you create a professional blog or site for your business with minimal set-up time and cost. To make the most of WordPress, following tips are recommended:

1. Sign Up!

First-Class SEO Strategies are Rooted in Analytics

21 January 2014

Detroit: There may be no silver bullets to SEO dominance, but a Conductor research finds in detail reporting and evangelism are in fact at the heart of best-in-class campaigns.

Deep evaluation of content analytics was a feature found in businesses with first-class search engine marketing practices, the research found. Conversely, companies seeing less inspiring results were three times as likely to be scratching the surface of performance standards.

Why Google+ Matters: Social Media Improves Hotel SEO, Loyalty & Bookings

21 January 2014

Detroit: Social media has long been reported to be the next big driver of search engine significance, ultimately replacing backlinks. And for the first time, SEOs have found out those strong correlations between the number and diversity of social votes, and improved search engine rankings. In brief, websites with more “likes”, “tweets”, and “+1s” tend to rank better.


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