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Ethical and Smart Approaches to eCommerce SEO

21 January 2014

Detroit: For any business website, search results are significant but for an eCommerce only business, SEO is even more significant to merely staying in business let alone growing your business. Search engine optimization is fluid, with the “rules” of Google apparently always in flux.

The present SEO trend certainly centers on content as a major contributor to positive search rankings. Following are some things that you can do to aid your eCommerce site’s search outcome.

Create Crisp, Custom Meta Descriptions

SEO 101: Driving Traffic to Your Website

21 January 2014

Detroit: If you’re an Internet entrepreneur, website owner, or tech startup owner and SEO isn’t part of your marketing strategy, you are behind the curve. Search engine optimization, or SEO, works on one fundamental principle: People are possibly to find your webpage through a search engine, and the lower your webpage ranks, the less likely it is that anyone will notice it.

How it Works?

4 Fundamentals to an Effective SEO Campaign

21 January 2014

Detroit: The term SEO is thrown around a lot. "Buy links, get traffic!" looks to be the common slogan. But with Google cracking down on black hat SEO practices that have fined even the most innocent SEO strategies, it's imperative to stay in the good graces of the all-powerful search engines. For the majority of companies, online presence means the whole thing.

That being said, let's talk about the 4 essential SEO tips to utilize without getting the can from Google.

1. Guest Posting

The WordPress Notification Bar Plugin to Obtain More Clicks Turns Out to be SquBar

21 January 2014

Detroit: Notifications play a crucial role in escalating the conversion rates and click through rates for any website. The thought of WordPress notification plugin SqueezeBar was instigated from what big brands employ in their web browsers to capture user notice; by popping out little notifications. IdeaKloud who created the plugin lately made a declaration stating the company is rebranding the notification bar plugin to SquBar with added features.

How to Obtain More Clicks?

Fundler - A Free Crowdfunding WordPress Theme

21 January 2014

Detroit: Crowdfunding, at times called Swarm-financing is an exclusive type of financing that has succeeded in internet. This appealing method of increasing money to projects, products, execution of business thoughts and many others can offer them with funds, generally in the form of silent contributions. Since crowdfunding is called to the Internet, there are the investors from a choice of Internet users (the swarm).

More and more start-ups utilize the way of crowdfunding rather than the conventional way to search for a single investor who funds the project.

Benefits of CMS Development Platforms like WordPress and Joomla

21 January 2014

Detroit: Today's Internet has become the target of business owners searching to endorse their products and services across the world.

The development of engaging business websites is a lucrative strategy for online marketing and is being accepted by many business experts today, so as to extend to maximum viewers in the world; more specifically, online users.

WordPress Website Development: Content Projection and Structure

21 January 2014

Detroit: Devising how you will structure any WordPress website build and how you will utilize different content types is vital to the site's victory. By taking the time to reflect on your alternatives at the commencement, you will save time, headaches and probably money too.

10 Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Business Website

21 January 2014

Detroit: According to WordPress, there are over 60 million people who have chosen WordPress as the platform for their website. WordPress is very customizable CMS software, which means you can accomplish almost anything you want with it. It also has a lot of developer support so there are many plugins available, most of which are free.

Below are 10 most essential WordPress plugins for your business website.

1. Content Aware Sidebars (Free)

Will WordPress Acquire Law Schools?

21 January 2014

Detroit: Ronnie Burt, Director of Sales and Operations at Edublogs, shares 29 ways WordPress is occupying Universities and Higher Ed. As way of background, Edublogs is a WordPress based publishing platform employed by over 2 million educations.

Rather than considering WordPress as only a blog platform, Burt says educators must leverage WordPress to meet all types of web and technology requirements.

Burt reveals the range of WordPress with 29 current university and higher education sites, including the below.

3 Great Profanity Filters for Your WordPress Site

21 January 2014

Detroit: If you are running a website which lets user-generated content, you are possibly to fight with the issue of profanity once in a while. Some member of your online community might share posts or leave comments which are not proper.


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