The Core Model: A New Design Trend That Provides Better Results

The actuality of core model web designing process is that, you basically have to concentrate on the important tasks of your customers. Here in core design you just have to make sure that you will be able to solve your customer’s problem while helping them out to complete their task. You have to get very deeper, and design the in and out of all the pages. Most of the web designers usually give a very high priority for the home page; but several users will not even land there if they get into a website through a link or their own search.

So, the core model is all about analyzing what the users need and then ensuring that they can do it more efficiently. The core model considers the objectives of both the organization and the customer, and tries to align them in an easiest way. This approach is like concentrating more on what matters and removing what doesn’t. The content with no importance or the one which supports low demand will be removed or degraded.

Using core model approach, designers start the process by determining the content in order to have find pages with a clear merge between user tasks and objectives. 

In order to use the core model, you must be aware of the following 2 elements:

  1. Business objectives: Business objectives and sub objectives of the organization must be very clear; they must be prioritized according to the importance. 
  2. User tasks: The designers must be aware of the tasks that the users of their website want to perform. The tasks have to be completely researched and prioritized based on the importance. Designers generally conduct top task surveys to get to know about the user tasks. Task survey is an ideal method to keep the organization aligned.

The wise revision of a website’s existing content could change the dusty corners which have to be cleared out. A website usually contains a lot of content which is of no use for the users; like lengthy vision statements, press release archives and so on. Once the non-essential content is set apart, you will be left with the cores which you have to majorly deal with. The content of these cores offers a clear overlap of business objectives and user tasks.

How does the core model help?

  1. Core model allows content strategists to identify the most vital pages on the website.
  2. It lets UX designers recognize the module they need on the page.
  3. Core design makes the graphic designer aware of the elements to be highlighted in the design.
  4. The design assists clients or stakeholders who are less web-savvy in the project.
  5. It also helps the editors and copywriters to think beyond and generate the better content.

By dedicating your time to the core pages first, you will certainly avoid several battles and would start enjoying the benefits like a whole team getting united for   some essential part of a website. So the end result will be a website which knows what it’s all about.

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