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4 WordPress Plugins to Make the Best Use of Your Blog for Pinterest

22 January 2014

Detroit: Is your blog optimized for Pinterest? Are you employing Pinterest to endorse your blog?

Blog owners must seriously think about driving more website traffic with Pinterest as Pinterest is identified for its ability to drive visitors.

It drives more traffic than Youtube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIN and My Space. If your blog runs on WordPress, optimizing it for Pinterest must be very simple as there are various plugins that can aid you with this. In reality, there are scores and scores of them.

4 Simple Steps to Boost Conversion Rate for WordPress

22 January 2014

Detroit: Conversion rate is where make your cash, if you have lots of traffic to your website but your conversion rate is low, your pages may not be optimized. There are usually easy ways to boost your conversion rate that can be done in-house without the need to keep an external third party, saving you money and time.

Most WordPress sites are trying to find a responsive behavior from their visitors whether this is to join, purchase, sell or sign up. Regardless of what your website features there is a chance you want some sort of interaction.

3 Ways to Transform Your WordPress Blog into an SEO Machine

22 January 2014

Detroit: Over 80% of blogs stagnate with no traffic and few readers but the difficulty often lies with how people are invited to participate.

Simply having one doesn’t make it produce results.

What are the most efficient ways to get blog posts read?

7 Handy Plugins for Your WordPress Website

21 January 2014

Detroit: There are ample websites out there that employ a content management system (CMS) to make it simpler for non-programmers to maintain and revise the website. WordPress is the most accepted CMS out there, mainly for blogging, as it lets you to simply copy the text from a Microsoft Word document and work with it, using the same skillset that one obtains using MS Word. The process of modifying your website can be as easy as procuring a custom WordPress theme – though there are a lot of decent themes obtainable for free as well – and making a few tweaks and adjustments.

How to Lessen WordPress Server Load?

21 January 2014

Detroit: WordPress is a very influential blogging and content management system, and some of the world’s top sites depend on it. If you employ WordPress for your blog, you may start to experience some lag when traffic begins to pick up, and it may sincerely influence the load on your server. Thus is a usual incidence as your blog ages and becomes more accepted, but it is something you can remedy.

The following are a few guidelines to aid you lessen the amount of load your WordPress site puts on your server:


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