Responsive Web Design Is Set to Hit the World of Virtual Reality!

Virtual reality (VR) is nothing but a computer simulated environment which simulates physical presence of the places in real world. It can also create the sensory experiences like sight, taste, smell, touch and sound. Sometimes it is also to as immersive multimedia. This virtual reality would be even more realistic if it gets the touch of responsive web designing. Yes! Responsive web design is now entering into the world of virtual reality.

Many major development companies are striving to make developers exciting on creating immersive virtual reality experiences. As VR is catching our imaginations, developers are wondering that whether this world will be dominated by any other competing and incompatible platforms, just like desktop and mobile computing has been so far.

WebVR: Building VR experience using HTML

Few developers think that they have a solution for the above said problem. Instead of creating the native apps that works just on a single platform or a single VR headset, they can try building virtual reality experiences in HTML; so that they can simply run them in a browser. This idea is called WebVR and is currently championed by a wide variety of developers and organizations with one big support being Mozilla.

Makers of Mozilla have launched their own website (MozVR) for web based VR experiences. It also extended its support to the pre-alpha builds of Firefox last month. While the efforts were still going on to bring VR experiences to Chrome, Google launched a website highlighting some experiments on VR Chrome when it released its own DIY Cardboard viewer last year.

Responsive WebVR

But, these non-stop efforts have not been compatible so far and the wave of latest VR world has begun and also the WebVR world is fragmented. So the developers either have to wait till Mozilla, Oculus, Google and others agree on a common standard or they just have to get their own cross-platform approach. This exactly is called the responsive WebVR. So the developers are now are in the idea of building HTML based VR which works on all the headsets and even without headsets.

Responsive web design in VR is something that automatically detects whether the user is accessing a site on desktop or mobile browser. Then it optimizes the experience based on the platform. It promises the content that automatically adapts to your viewing environment by using some flexible images, fluid layouts and proportional grids; totally a cocktail of latest web technologies.

Future plans on Virtual Reality

Developers are now moving a step ahead and trying to make the WebVR experiences that work even without VR hardware. But as of now, the developers need to download a special build of chrome. But for that, they must fell encouraged by the promise of cross-platform capabilities and also the potential of web-based experiences that work on an ordinary desktop and also on a mobile browser.

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