What Makes Joomla Special Than Other Content Management Systems?

Content management system is just a platform that lets you make the changes to the content on your website easily. Just a few years back, all such platforms did not exist and if we had to make any minor changes, we had to make changes in the HTML code directly. But now, with lots of content management systems available, we can easily make the changes without even having the knowledge of HTML.

CMS makes it easy for the people to keep their website updated without any hassles. But people seem to be very much confused when they think of having a website; the reason being, there are lots of CMSs out there and people are finding it difficult to select an ideal platform that suits their needs.

Joomla is one such platform which has been designed for the ease of use, management of blogs, search features and web pages. But when there are plenty of CMSs, why one should opt for Joomla? How is it different from other platforms? Joomla is not like the other platforms that keep offering several different versions. It just has an all-inclusive single version which is freely available. Joomla offers number of extensions currently amounting to more than 7000. It is one among the most popular CMSs and has been downloaded more than 43 million times.

Here are some advantages of using Joomla to build a website:

  1. Open source: Cost is definitely a concern in all the things we do. Likewise in web development. One of the main reasons for Joomla being used widely is that the platform is an open source; i.e. the core system is available freely.
  2. Easy maintenance: Easy maintenance of a website is definitely an advantage and Joomla offers that advantage. The sites developed using Joomla are very easy to manage as the platform allows users to manage the content, articles and web pages without any difficulty. Editor window is one of the best features offered by Joomla; it allows you to create, hide or delete the window.
  3. Easy installation: You don’t have to be an expert to install Joomla as it can be installed very easily. As it is an open source, it can be downloaded for free of cost. Later, the script can be run on the system and it’s all done.
  4. Easy navigation: The websites developed using Joomla are easy to navigate; it offers the content in a convenient and organized way.  The web layout looks very attractive and it attracts new customers to the site.  
  5. Accessibility and usability: This flexible platform can be used to create the sites ranging from small blogs to corporate websites as it offers large number of development tools. Joomla is so flexible that even a person with least technical knowledge can also build a site using it.
  6. SEO friendly: The platform is said to be good if it follows SEO standards. Because SEO is an important thing that all the websites must be concerned about. It helps you take your site to top ranking on different search engines.

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