10 Handy WordPress Widgets

21 January 2014

Detroit: If one is seeking some cool and useful WordPress widgets, this article has some in the lot. WordPress is kind of partial without its widgets and so they must be incorporated to make the site look more apt, useful and more potential to draw greater traffic. This article lists a few of the top WordPress widgets that have received good name for themselves.

  1. WP Polls: Polls are a good idea to engage users in one’s website. It asks for their views and gives them a sense of positivity for their individual views. WP Polls aids in inviting visitors for blog posts and more. It can create new polls and illustrate them on the WordPress blog.  The surfers may pick any alternative in that poll and submit their vote.
  2. Add link to Facebook: This widgets enables the website owner to link any of the posts on the website to the social networking giant-Facebook and endorse the blog. This does a pretty good job in drawing readership from different places. In other words, this widget aids in extending the word about a post and brings in more orders.
  3. Twitget: This is another fine widget that allows the latest tweets to be showcased on one’s blog or web page. Thus, it acts as another widget that can potentially add in increasing traffic on the blog or website.
  4. Simple Popup Plugin: This is a special kind that enables one to create small popup windows. One can either hate or love this one, but it would be up to an individual to check if it benefits or not.
  5. Feed burner email subscription: This widget is in fact useful in a way that it spread the word of happenings on the blog to its usual readers or whoever is subscribed. It allows the owner to relate to the readers and each time there is a new post to the website or blog, it right away sends this info directly to the readers.
  6. LinkedIn master: One more social networking widget is the LinkedIn master. It allows one to connect with the LinkedIn community. Connecting to such websites boosts chances of making important contacts and outcomes in improved traffic on the blog.
  7. Buddypress activity tags: This specific widget adds interest to a website wherein it lets one to put clouds and tags into the blog. It has lots of options and can prove to be a perfect widget for many.
  8. Event Organizer: There is no good way to keep the clients or readers informed than showcasing the events and coming up ones. This would make life easier for the blog owner and that of the customers and readers as well.
  9. Random Post Widget: It gives a odd pick of articles from which they might find something appealing that they are seeking. It is basically good for blogs that have ample of content and also gives the reader something exclusive.
  10. Wripl: Wripl gives a chance to the blog owner to grant the readers suggestions on what they would love to consider. Getting engrossed crowd on the website feels amazing and this widget actually does it.

Thus, these 10 widgets are selected picks and should be tried. They would certainly make a vast difference in the recognition and followership of the blog.

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