4 Fundamentals to an Effective SEO Campaign

21 January 2014

Detroit: The term SEO is thrown around a lot. "Buy links, get traffic!" looks to be the common slogan. But with Google cracking down on black hat SEO practices that have fined even the most innocent SEO strategies, it's imperative to stay in the good graces of the all-powerful search engines. For the majority of companies, online presence means the whole thing.

That being said, let's talk about the 4 essential SEO tips to utilize without getting the can from Google.

1. Guest Posting

It's significant to take benefit of this now. Reports have been going around that Google will greatly reduce the link juice from author bio links, but they still imply a lot at the moment.

First, you're going to obtain traffic from interesting, unique posts within your industry. Second, the links you place in your article that lead to other posts from your company are one of the simplest ways to obtain links on high-ranking sites to your company.

Note: If you plan on employing a freelance writer for 3 cents a word, you're not going to be generating content nearly appealing or insightful enough to get positive online response and interaction. Ensure you have a good writer on the job. Maybe even think about hiring in-house SEO content writers, who are voluntarily obtainable.

2. Restore Your Entire Website - Maybe Even Redo It

Web design is vital when it comes to Google's rankings. Part of their algorithm is based on how fast a site loads, how many real internal links there are, and in general site-user friendliness, which can all make or break Google's (and user's) communications.

If you have been making your free WordPress themed site work so far, good for you! But just like a rising company needs more employers to manage the workload, a budding company needs a better site to manage more traffic and customer relations. The makings of a good site are completely up to you, but there's certainly smarter ways to do it.

Consider appointing a web designer - spend a little more and go the extra mile of professionalism.

Don't try it yourself if you are not a web designer – we are talking about your profits here. Don't fix the pipes if you don't know a thing about plumbing.

“Great website = great customer feedback. Bad website = failed business.”

3. Links are Still the Currency of the Internet

We mentioned links before, but it's worth repeating. If your company is superb at what it does, you're going to come up in SERPs no matter what. But links are a brilliant SEO supplement. There are tons of ways to get links.

  • Guest posting
  • 10 Lists (people love linking to those)
  • Press Releases on interesting industry updates
  • Funny and Ridiculous content
  • Contests
  • Compendiums
  • Awards (people love linking to their awards)

These are just some of the dozens of ways to roll in the links. Industry leader 29 Prime also advises getting local, organic, and video front page placement for your business.

An efficient SEO campaign has a lot more than these 3 tips, but this must get you ongoing. Keep in mind - you're not attempting to fool Google; you are trying to explain everyone how great you really are.

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