4 Simple Steps to Boost Conversion Rate for WordPress

22 January 2014

Detroit: Conversion rate is where make your cash, if you have lots of traffic to your website but your conversion rate is low, your pages may not be optimized. There are usually easy ways to boost your conversion rate that can be done in-house without the need to keep an external third party, saving you money and time.

Most WordPress sites are trying to find a responsive behavior from their visitors whether this is to join, purchase, sell or sign up. Regardless of what your website features there is a chance you want some sort of interaction.

To aid you enhance engagement and overall conversion rate, below is a list of 4 easy steps to get you begin with.

1. Identify Your Goals

What is it that you would like visitors to your website to do? Once you know your obvious goals you can build your website layout and content to hearten the desired action. Keeping in mind that your website is for most people that only engagement they have with your brand. Keep your message to the point; keep away from needless jargon and sales talk. Don’t overcomplicate or mess up your pages with bombarding messages. Every page must have its own obvious goal i.e to decide on new leads via a sign-up form.

2. Make Calls-to-Action Obvious

The call to action is what you are requesting your visitors to do, whether it’s a button, form, or link to other page. It must not be something that’s hidden or difficult to get on your website, it must be obvious and clear. However, keep away from irritating pop ups with offers or forums, and diverting flashing buttons and banner ads. The message in your call to action requires being concise, use simple words like “Buy” or “Sign Up”. Put forward an incentive, to cheer the action i.e. Sign up now and claim your Free EBook.

3. Speed up Your Website

We have all have been in a website that has taken so long to give up and move onto a different page. To avoid elevated bounce rates ensure your website does not feature very large images. Other way to boost your site’s speed is by employing an application like Cloud Fare that uses a worldwide distributed network for web caching meaning your website’s speed can be equal to 200% faster.

4. Optimize for the Right Traffic

To keep the right traffic coming to your website, ensure the headings and content on your page reproduce what it is your site is about. By now you must have a plan of what your keyword phrases are, keep these evident in your site so it will be picked up by Google and you will be positioned for what you do. This will maintain the right traffic coming to your site.

These are 4 easy ways to boost the conversion rate for your WordPress site. If all these factors are considered you must see a development in your overall conversion rate.

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