4 Well-Liked WordPress eCommerce Platforms

21 January 2014

Detroit: Most products for sale online are clear-cut, with varieties generally in colors and sizes. WordPress eCommerce plugins can be a simple, economical way to sell these items. If you already have a WordPress website, or decide to put up one, here are 4 popular WordPress eCommerce plugins.

1. WooCommerce

  • Number of themes on ThemeForest: 123
  • Number of plugins on CodeCanyon: 165
  • WordPress.org downloads: 1,549,902
  • WordPress.org rating: 4.1
  • Cost: Free

WooCommerce is the second only to WP eCommerce for the number of downloads. But it has the maximum plugin rating of the four other plugins. There is powerful activity and support from the community forums on WooThemes, even though to get best support you must acquire a theme or plugin from WooThemes.

Strength of WooCommerce is the huge amount of plugins and themes obtainable directly from WooThemes or on third party sites such as ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. The number of accessible themes dwarfs any other WordPress eCommerce plugin. Many prefer WooCommerce for that reason.

WooCommerce is free. If you have simple products, employ a free theme, and don’t need many customizations, this can be one of the reasonable options. The costs can tote up, however, with premium plugins.

2. WP eCommerce

  • Number of themes on ThemeForest: 13
  • Number of plugins on CodeCanyon: 40
  • WordPress.org downloads: 2,581,768
  • WordPress.org rating: 2.8
  • Cost: Free, with premium packages available.

WP eCommerce was one of the initial eCommerce plugins for WordPress. With over 2.5 million downloads, WP eCommerce has continued to be the most accepted choice for the past 5 years. It has a good amount of themes on ThemeForest and through its own website.

Besides, WP eCommerce has the most polarized ratings on WordPress.org, with more 1 star reviews than any other eCommerce plugin. Since moving the forums to WordPress.org, many users cite a low amount of support. Premium support is an option for users who need personal attention.

WP eCommerce comes set with many features that WooCommerce requires a plugin for. This takes in multi-tier pricing for quantity discounts. WooCommerce needs a $129 Dynamic Pricing plugin for this.

3. Jigoshop

  • Number of themes on ThemeForest: 6
  • Number of plugins on CodeCanyon: 54
  • WordPress.org downloads: 278,968
  • WordPress.org rating: 3.9
  • Cost: Free

Jigoshop is the forerunner to WooCommerce, which was built as a fork of this open source eCommerce platform. Jigoshop is still going strong, however. It has one of the best ratings from users on WordPress.org.

Even though its collection of themes and plugins on CodeCanyon and ThemeForest is small, Jigoshop has a big quantity of premium themes for sale on its website.

For support, the WordPress.org page is free. Access to Jigoshop.com’s community support forum, however, costs approximately $40 per month, or roughly $240 per year.

4. Cart66 Lite

  • Number of themes on ThemeForest: 4
  • Number of plugins on CodeCanyon: 0
  • WordPress.org downloads: 124,136
  • WordPress.org rating: 2.9
  • Cost: Free for Lite; $25 per month for Cart66 Cloud

Not like the other three plugins, Cart66 Lite is obtainable on its WordPress.org page only. It has the minimum number of downloads but it is worth considering, based on your business. Like WP eCommerce, Cart66 Lite has polarized reviews.

There are not many themes obtainable for Cart66 on ThemeForest, but with premium Cart66 packages such as Cart66 Pro or Cart66 Cloud, you will have added theme options.

Some superior integrations — such as Gravity Forms or additional payment gateways — require the Cart66 Professional (paid) version. Only community support is obtainable for Cart66 Lite. You must improve the plugin for best support. Many reviewers have noted a absence of documentation for Cart66 Lite.

Pick What’s Top for Your Business?

Read the WordPress.org forums, particularly posts like this one that evaluates different plugins. Read the reviews on each plugin page. Search for users who have found problems or solutions that are most pertinent for your condition.

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