4 WordPress Plugins to Make the Best Use of Your Blog for Pinterest

22 January 2014

Detroit: Is your blog optimized for Pinterest? Are you employing Pinterest to endorse your blog?

Blog owners must seriously think about driving more website traffic with Pinterest as Pinterest is identified for its ability to drive visitors.

It drives more traffic than Youtube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIN and My Space. If your blog runs on WordPress, optimizing it for Pinterest must be very simple as there are various plugins that can aid you with this. In reality, there are scores and scores of them.

It drives more traffic than Reddit, Youtube, Linkedin, Google+ and MySpace. If your blog runs on WordPress, optimizing it for Pinterest should be extremely easy as there are several plugins that can help you with this. In fact, there are scores and scores of them.

1. Digg Digg:

Adding share buttons to your blog posts and pages is requisite to build a great blog. A study has found that pages with share buttons obtain 7 times more shares those without. Thus, it is a fundamental necessity for you to add the Pin It button to your blog to get more people to share your pages and posts so as to boost traffic.

A simple way to do this is by employing the Digg Digg plugin as it can aid you automatically add a Pin It button before, after and even on the left side of the blog post or page. Digg Digg also allows you manually place the button. You can add other share buttons like (Facebook) Share, (Twitter) Tweet, (StumbleUpon) Submit, etc. using Digg Digg too which can facilitate you get shares and traffic from different social networks.

Another well-liked WordPress plugin that is like Digg Digg is Flare. If you would like a plugin that lets you only add the ‘Pin It’ button to your blog, you can try out Pinterest “Pin It” Button.

2. Pinterest Pin It Button for Images:

Another good way to cheer people to pin from your WordPress blog is by setting up the Pinterest Pin It Button for Images plugin. This plugin takes in a pin it button on each image on your blog. The button can be seen when you roll over the image. To see the button just scroll over any image on this post, you will see that a Pin It button emerges at the top.

The benefit of this button is that it reminds people that the images they are seeing can be pinned. People can press the button and share their favorite images to view them later and get their followers to see them too. To get extra people to pin more images from your blog add this plugin to your website.

One more plugin that does a similar job is Pinterest Image Pin. When you set up this plugin it places a Pin It button below every image. If you would not like the button to appear on the image, you can attempt using this plugin. It also allows you put in a follow button below every image.

3. Social Media Widget:

The above WordPress plugins can be a good way to drive more website traffic. But it should not finish there. You need to seek ways to change your website traffic into leads and followers and a great way to convert website traffic into followers is by using the Social Media Widget.

With this widget, you can exhibit a Pinterest icon on your blog widget area, clicking on which will take the reader to your Pinterest page so that they can explore your pins and follow you. This plugin can let you insert social media follow buttons for approximately every social network.

Another plugin that helps you add follow buttons to your blog is the Pinterest “Follow” Button.

4. Pinterest badge:

Another WordPress plugin that does the same job as the Social Media Widget, but can be more efficient is Pinterest Badge as it is larger and shows your newest pins thus making it noticeable. It also shows the number of followers you have. All these features can aid your Pinterest page draw more followers.

A similar plugin you could employ is Pretty Pinterest Pins. A great attribute of this plugin is that you can show pins from precise boards only. You could also show your most up-to-date pins from your profile and boards using the profile and board widgets offered by Pinterest.

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