5 Best Ways You Can Utilize Social Media for Branding

12 August 2015

Detroit: Nowadays social media has become an important thing in people’s lives. It is not just remained as a platform to communicate; it does a lot more than that. Today, it’s not at all uncommon that your grandparents having their own Facebook accounts which mean that social media is at the greater reach as the number of users is increasing daily. Marketers need to understand that social media is not just about showing up the brand on every platform. Their main objective must be being engaging and connecting up with the target audience. So it’s really important for marketers to be aware that different aspects of social media landscape are the keys for online marketing success.

Here are 5 ways you can use social media for branding:

  1. Social commerce: Nobody can deny the fact that social media has created a place for itself and has changed the way the people communicate. It has not just changed the way we interact but is also impacting on companies businesses as well. The social   networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn have certainly played an important role in the way the companies are changing their marketing approach. For example, selling a branded t-shirt is an easy way to integrate commerce into the social media.
  2. Content is the king: As we all know, content plays a significant role in online marketing and its importance seems to increase continually. Content is hardly something that any online advertisers would dare to ignore. So in general, creating the content – whether it may be an image, blog post, social media post, infographic or anything that inspires users to pass it on, is becoming an important marketing method.
  3. Private messages: Private messaging on Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter and other platforms is something that the marketers are yet to take the advantage of. If you wish to offer the best customer service, you need to consider enabling this feature. If the private messages are turned on, any of your followers or customers can send you a direct message without you following him or her. This streamlines the communication while enabling users to reach you directly.
  4. Mobile interaction:  This is an easy way of using social media to promote your brand. You can allow your customers to interact with your brand on their mobile devices; whether it’s via a third party application, your own app or just a mobile browser. If you already have an ecommerce presence, you can simply set up mobile payment options which would be of a great convenience for the customers.
  5. Understanding the social media: Understanding the social media and staying ahead of the current trends could bring a positive change on your brand or the company. So knowing the trends and concepts that would dominate social media in 2015 will definitely help you in your career.

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