5 Most Common Pitfalls in eCommerce Design

26 November 2014

Detroit: In spite of the expeditious extension in the use of eCommerce by both businesses and customers, not all the eCommerce developments are success. There are several reasons for this and are usually reliant on specific circumstances. But, there is a common thread between the problems and pitfalls encountered by eCommerce systems.

There are several mistakes that the online peddlers make. All such mistakes can be avoided with just a careful planning. Even if you’ve already committed any mistakes, there are some ways to fix them. But, avoiding such mistakes enhances the user experience which in turn improves online sales.

Here are 5 common pitfalls in designing an eCommerce website:

  1. Many dynamic pages on the website: Though dynamic content is fashionable, using many dynamic pages might slow down your site if you don’t have the sophisticated software that supports more number of dynamic pages. Web pages with high load time send users to some other sites. So, the eCommerce sites should restrict their dynamic content to limited number of pages.
  2. Compatibility with different web browsers: As Internet users are using several different internet browsers than ever before, it is so vital that your eCommerce site has to perform steadily on all the browsers. If an eCommerce site is not functional across all the browsers, it could certainly miss out a huge block of potential customers.
  3. Adding too many images: Leniency is a key for an eCommerce website to be a success. Always customize the way that the products are shown to the customer. Having too many images on a single page might also take long time to load which again slows down the website. So, avoid adding more number of images on a single page.
  4. Usability feedback: Usability has emerged as a vital metric for a website’s view. Usability surveys, tests, scores, and focus groups are all the part of research and development of larger websites. Smaller eCommerce operators generally don't get the usability feedback from anyone except from those in their development team. Employ necessary things that let you have usability feedback from users.
  5. Lack of payment options: There are profuse sites that lets user to pay only with their Visa / MasterCard or to pay only with a PayPal account. There are several people who don’t have a PayPal account. And also, many people will not be having a credit card and they would want to pay from their bank account directly. So, an eCommerce site has to provide users with as many payment solutions as possible.

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