6 Quick SEO Tips for Marketers

22 January 2014

Detroit: If you are an Internet marketer, you might be familiar with search engine optimization and all the advantages it can bring to you company and customers. You might identify that 75% of Internet users never roll past the first page of search results. You might even recognize that 70% of the links search that users click on is organic and not paid.

But did you know that you don’t essentially require your own SEO team to bring in the benefits of this marketing tool? It’s correct – you can optimize your own site with only a few time or money.

Sounds too good to be right doesn’t it? If you can find a space half hour of your time daily, you can do adequate SEO to see some actual result! The best part is you can be a total SEO newbie and still get success with these 6 optimization hacks:

1. Blog

If you are blogging for your organization and/or your clients, then you have already got the ball rolling! Blogging is a good way to optimize your site for an improved probability of being found on Google. The more blogs you publish, the more pages Google has to index from your site, making it much more credible that you will be found. Actually, once you write 21-54 bog posts, blog traffic generation boosts by up to 30%.

In spite of your industry or product, it is significant to blog about a huge number of topics. Ensuring to cover both current events and evergreen topics, guarantees that you will come up in all kinds of Google searches. Writing about many topics also aids you rank for an extensive variety of keywords.

2. Do Some Keyword Research

In SEO, a keyword is basically what people are looking for on search engines. Keywords can be as short as “pancakes” or as long as “where to find the best pancakes in Nashville TN” (this latter search is called a longtail keyword). So if you run a pancake restaurant in Nashville, your website needs to be optimized for all types of keywords about Nashville, breakfast, restaurants, and, certainly, pancakes. When it’s optimized correctly, you will turn up.

But what are the finest keywords to optimize your website for? Here’s where a small research comes in. But don’t be anxious – this research is not complex or time consuming. One great method to search keywords is to visit the site UberSuggest.org. On this site, you can type in fundamental key words or phrases, and Uber Suggest will find other accepted web searches similar to what you have listed. An even easier way to search good keywords is to make a visit to the source of SEO itself – Google.

You recognize when you start typing in a search query and Google fills in what it assumes you might be searching? What its doing is just offering you other popular searches that start with the letters or words you have entered. Playing around on Google and seeing what search recommendations it gives you is a better, rapid way to get potential keywords.

Don’t simply try to learn those keywords though! Prepare a spreadsheet on which you can post all pertinent keywords you get. This, way when you are building a new page for your site or creating a blog, you can simply pull short and longtail keywords from this spreadsheet without having to do research all time.

3. Optimize Old Pages

So your website has loads of pages indexed by Google – amazing! Take some time to return old pages and blogs and re-optimize them. Try inserting some keywords from the spreadsheet you have built or rewording page titles so that the most significant keyword appear first.

4. Get a Free SEO Extension

To help you in optimizing older pages, download an SEO Extension to your browser. These extensions will aid you to revise old and new pages by indicating aspects of the page you have overlooked to optimize. For instance, SEO Extension SEOquake can provide you an analysis of your page, assisting you to see if your images are missing ALT texts or whether you want to add any headings. It even gives recommendations for how to fix problems it gets and allows you know whether these fixes are fast and easy or may need more time than you have.

5. Network for Backlinks, AKA Inbound Links

If you can network, you can top this feature of SEO. When a superior-quality website links to your site, Google offers you SEO credit for it (as long as it’s a follow link, that is). In the similar way, when your high-quality website offers a follow link to another website, you give them SEO credit. When you ask over others for a backlink to your site, you have to be conscious of two things. Firstly, you want to ensure your site is featured on only high-quality websites. If it is featured on a site with little to no authority or spammy one, it won’t do you much good. Secondly, you have to be eager to reciprocate the backlink. If someone is eager to scratch your back, you would better be keen to scratch theirs in return.

One more way to build backlinks is to guest blog. Submit guest articles to accepted sites on a usual basis, and ensure to incorporate a link to your site in the article. This way, you will draw traffic to your site and optimistically your guest blogging site will give you an inbound link or two.

6. Stay up to date on SEO

Google is regularly messing with their search algorithms, which means that SEO is a subject you are never finished learning about. If you run across an article about SEO or an alteration to Google’s algorithm, take 5 minutes to read it. The more ahead of the curb you are, the less help you will require.

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