7 Handy Plugins for Your WordPress Website

21 January 2014

Detroit: There are ample websites out there that employ a content management system (CMS) to make it simpler for non-programmers to maintain and revise the website. WordPress is the most accepted CMS out there, mainly for blogging, as it lets you to simply copy the text from a Microsoft Word document and work with it, using the same skillset that one obtains using MS Word. The process of modifying your website can be as easy as procuring a custom WordPress theme – though there are a lot of decent themes obtainable for free as well – and making a few tweaks and adjustments. You can set up any number of handy plugins to aid you shape your website in a way that will best serve you and your viewers’ needs.

What you need will depend on the kind of website you are running, but those listed in this article can cover all your bases. These will be great for online stores, blogs, and essentially any organization or company that provides information about themselves and their services on a WordPress website.

1. uSquare

If you wish for a compact and efficient way to present information about your team, your products or designs, then uSquare is the exact WordPress plugin for you. As its name suggests, it features a squared grid, alternatively displaying images and text related to the image. For example – a team member or product name and function. By clicking an image you bring in extra information that is completely scrollable and you also gain access to social network and email icons, as well as added customizable icons at the bottom that can be scrolled left and right.

The best thing is that the plugin is receptive and it fully supports smartphone and tablet resolutions. You have ample design options, so you can be pretty accurate about modifying the plugin to fit your website.

2. Smart Slider

The Smart Slider plugin offers you a really stunning, highly customizable and responsive slider design. You can choose a basic slider design, where you can roll images left and right via arrows or you can go for a more visually tempting design and put in cool effects. Some slider options take in horizontal and vertical accordion sliders, simple horizontal and vertical sliders and photo sliders with exclusive titles for each image, as well as different themes to pick from.

The theme builder lets you to build an exclusive theme, picking from a wide variety of skins. You can tailor colors, backgrounds, fonts and insert a range of effects to build the best possible viewing experience for the visitors of your website.

3. Rating-Widget

Rating Widget is a simple, nice little plugin that offers a much essential function for your blog – it lets visitors to rate content using either a five star system or a thumbs up/thumbs down system. You can also have separate rating methods ready for both the article and the comments, e.g. one to five stars for the article and thumbs up or thumbs down for the comments.

The Rating Widget is extremely customizable, providing plenty of visual solutions that let you to flawlessly add in a rating system onto your websites design. You can also decide from a wide list of languages, which makes the plugin simpler to work with.

4. Social Media Feather

Another vital aspect to consider is sharing your posts through social networks. What you are seeking here is something unobtrusive – something that is stylish, yet easily available. The Social Media Feather is a plugin that enables you to share your posts and pages on social networks easily and without seeming pushy. The plugin doesn’t use JavaScript which means that it is easy to load.

The icons can be presented in a number of interesting skins and there are two effects obtainable – greying out and fading. This adds to the artistic value of your website. Featured social sharing websites comprise Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

5. Rotating Tabs Widget

This plugin enables you to exhibit a panel with numerous different tabs that can turn to illustrate various sections of content. It is great for showing current blog posts from any custom taxonomy or simply showing links to a variety of pertinent pages of your website.

Having rotating tabs in a widget makes it simpler to showcase a huge amount of your recent material, including recent or most popular articles, latest comments and recent tweets, and break them down into categories that are simple for searching a required topic. For something so compact and unobtrusive, it gives you plethora of functionality.

6. YouTube Master

YouTube Master is an easy, yet very helpful plugin that lets you to show YouTube videos on your website efficiently, including entire playlists and a subscribe button. It is mainly useful if you have a YouTube channel and wish to show your video library on the website. The size of the videos is adaptable and they can be viewed in any widget position.

Since the plugin was intended for and coded in HTML5, it removes the chance for problems occurring and lets very quick loading times. This is very significant for websites that rely greatly on video material, e.g. web stores with product reviews. Easy to employ and handy, this WordPress plugin is certainly worth having.

7. Author Box

The Author Box is a plugin that lets you to competently present a good deal of information about the author of an article within the limits of a small box at the bottom of the page. There are several scrollable tabs obtainable that offer basic information about the author, list his current posts, and allow you bond with him or her via social media.

The tabs can be placed on top or on the left and you can alter the content for as many different users as you like. It is a very handy tool that lets you to offer all of the vital information about the user without consuming too much space.

These 7 plugins will enable you to get full functionality to your blog or company website. Putting up useful articles or information about the company and its practices is vital for anyone looking to put in a bit of traffic to their website, and these are just the kind of tools you will require to cope with the various aspects of running a well-designed and extremely functional website.

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