Comprehension of the Art of SEO

22 January 2014

Detroit: When it comes to good SEO content writer, you are seeking someone who can offer your readers with focused and thorough information which catches the proper filters for the “science” but offers your reader the contentment of the “art”. It is that “art” of SEO which builds engagement and enables you permission with the reader to have numerous points of contact, which is required to sell intangibles or costly items today.

What to Seek in an SEO Artist?

Keywords form the canvas, and the brushes are forged once the objectives of the client are identified, normally via phone interview. The paint is the research which is accumulated at the interview and the painting starts with a series of articles aimed at teaching your readers your product or service from several perspectives.

New and Original Content

The Internet has turned out to be one large advertorial. It is Google algorithm that compares all previous writings on the Internet to confirm that the content is original. Recycled or “spun” content has no worth and you require insuring that your SEO artist has the ability to write new and original contents. If the contents are not original then your campaign will backfire and no value will be created.

Marketing Your Content – What it involves?

While marketing your content, you must do it with proper keywords. Seek a writer who has thorough knowledge of how to give you the best keywords that will help to drive traffic to specific value proposition. Many times people compute traffic with sales – this is short sighted. With intangibles and high price points multiple “touches” are going to be required. The key here is to use articles as means of educating your prospects to the “learning curve” and further education is needed to make the best decision. The objective here is to position this as means to get permission to engage the prospect, thereby giving you front row seats in the decision making process.

Finding an Artist with Passion

SEO is not an easy business, quick fixes and shortcuts are not sustainable. What work is immersion, research and commitment to approach built on the execution of reportable and measurable task. Finding such person is the fulcrum of any successful SEO campaign.

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