Differences between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

22 January 2014

Detroit: There are some important differences between Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. Google Webmaster Tools is another free tool offered to improve and optimize websites by providing an obvious picture of exactly what is happening within the site. While this may appear similar to what Analytics does, there are specific differences between the two. Only employing one piece leaves a big deal of significant information on the table that could be employed to influence more traffic and more sales from a website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most extensively used web analytics applications It will offer you the following information.

1. Visitor Reports

  • The overall number of visitors your website has. It also states the number of new visitors as well as returning visitors.
  • The amount of time spent by your visitors on your site.
  • The amount of pages your visitors view.
  • The amount of visitors who landed on your site and left right away.
  • Geographical location of your website visitors
  • The websites which invoked visitors to your site.

2. Web traffic Reports

  • Total number of people stopping over your site on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. It also gives your traffic stats to previous years.

3. Details of Keywords

  • The keywords which generates traffic to your website.
  • The keywords which boosts sales.
  • The keywords which retains your visitors for longer durations.

4. Content

  • The web pages your visitors visit regularly.
  • The web pages that bring you more traffic.
  • The pages your visitors often leave.

5. Conversions:

  • The conversion rates for the objectives you put on your site.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools tells how Google looks your site online. Webmasters employ this tool to fix issues with the site if any. It gives many tools for webmasters with which one can enhance the visibility of the site and fix problems.

It will give you the following information: 

1. Crawl Errors

Google Webmaster tools provide you information about the pages which Google is not able to crawl. This is a very vital feature because if Google cannot crawl your pages, your search engine visibility may descend. With the help of the tool, one can detect issues if any and decide it.

2. Search Queries

This is information on your pages Google has returned to searchers for precise inquiries. The following information is obtainable using webmaster tools

  • Total number of search queries which returned pages from your site.
  • Your top search queries which returned pages in Google.
  • The number of times your pages were viewed in Google’s search results.
  • The number of times your listings were clicked on for a precise search query.
  • The percentage of times your listing was clicked for a particular search query.
  • The average position of your website for a particular search query.

3. Links

  • The links linking into your site from other websites.

4. Blocked URLS

  • If your site has content you don’t want Google or other search engines to access, employ a robots.txt file to state how search engines must crawl your site's content. You can employ Google Webmaster Tools to discover if your robots.txt is working as anticipated.

5. Malware

  • Google Webmaster Tools notify you If Google senses any malware on the site.

6. HTML errors

  • Google Webmaster Tools notify you If Google notices any HTML errors on the site.

7. Fetch as Google

You can use Google Webmaster Tools to present a page to Google. However Google does not promise that they will index every URL we crawl.

The Bottom Line:

  • Google analytics is essentially a website statistics tool focusing the website traffic
  • Google Webmaster tool explains you how Google sees your site as a search engine

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