Ethical and Smart Approaches to eCommerce SEO

21 January 2014

Detroit: For any business website, search results are significant but for an eCommerce only business, SEO is even more significant to merely staying in business let alone growing your business. Search engine optimization is fluid, with the “rules” of Google apparently always in flux.

The present SEO trend certainly centers on content as a major contributor to positive search rankings. Following are some things that you can do to aid your eCommerce site’s search outcome.

Create Crisp, Custom Meta Descriptions

Each product or page on your site is elite and so must be its meta description. Smart eCommerce businesses identify that any page on their site is a possible entry point for patrons as it can turn up in search outcome. Crafting convincing meta descriptions also guarantees that when people click on the result, they are actually taken to a page that matches what they were looking for, providing you with more qualified “leads” or “clicks” and, finally, increasing the chance that they will continue their buying process with you.

Avoid Vague KSPs

Your product descriptions and differentiators should be useful and real. Your job is to make it clear to visitors what a product does or offers, how it does it and how that profits them. Key selling points that could be lifted from your product page and simply applied to some other item of an entirely different type are really futile to patrons. Marketing fluff does not assist purchasers in their decision making.

It is also important for companies that resell manufacturers’ products to avoid merely using the manufacturers’ product descriptions. As alluring as it is to do so, this approach will only fail on you. Sure, it can save you time up front, particularly if you have thousands of products in one category, but you will get dinged for duplicate content and pushed down the search result page. Of equal importance is the opportunity you are losing with your customers.

Many manufacturers do not offer the sturdiest marketing content but you have the skill to do that and, in so doing, can aid educate customers. Not only does this assistance sell a product but it builds customer loyalty as you will be looked upon as a power and priceless resource.

Enhance Your Images

Ensure your product images are top quality and provide clear views of the product. Where possible, giving multiple product views is very helpful. Also, avoid photos of product packaging only as they are frequently not at all useful to customers. Imagine images as another form of content on your site. Their job is to inform, educate and convince people to buy. If they do not successfully display the product, they are unable to do that.

Offering appropriate alt tags and names for all of your images is also vital for SEO purposes and must be a standard part of your process when loading images to your site.

Use Videos Cleverly

Videos can be very influential SEO tools on your site, if correctly used. Videos on the home page are great but must be placed below the fold as they are not generally the main focal point. Videos can be a great way to demonstrate how to assemble or utilize a product and such instructional information is highly regarded in search results.

One of the top ways to make video actually work for you in terms of search rankings is to have the transcribed script on your site. Search crawlers cannot identify video text but they can know the transcribed words. This will allow your video postings to give maximum advantage to you in the world of search.

The above are just a few places to begin when you are seeking to develop your eCommerce SEO rankings. It is also significant to bear in mind to keep an eye on search result trends so that you can stay up-to-date in this area.

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