First-Class SEO Strategies are Rooted in Analytics

21 January 2014

Detroit: There may be no silver bullets to SEO dominance, but a Conductor research finds in detail reporting and evangelism are in fact at the heart of best-in-class campaigns.

Deep evaluation of content analytics was a feature found in businesses with first-class search engine marketing practices, the research found. Conversely, companies seeing less inspiring results were three times as likely to be scratching the surface of performance standards.

Those considered being best-in-class confess that “reporting early and often is mine and my company’s best interest,” and that “there is insight hidden in the data if we look at it from different angles such as by keyword segment.” On the other hand, firms in the dawdler category tend to consider that “frequency of reporting is not that critical” and “one-size fits all reporting works fine.”

Besides being results-driven, top performers also spend enthusiastically in their SEO practices. About 63% of best-in-class companies said evangelism was really vital to their victory dominating SERPs. Evangelism means there is dedication to the plan and cross-company support to fuel goals. A lack of enthusiasm seems to be keeping other businesses from attaining their goals. Less than 30% of laggards give evangelism high priority.

Jointly, these findings propose there is no ‘secret’ to scoring top SERP positions. Marketers cannot apply basic SEO values to their content creation process and anticipate rising to the top of search rankings. Those major spots are reserved for companies that have created sophisticated plans and look for granular content analytics that can further shape their attempts for greater achievement.

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