How to Insert a Sticky Post in WordPress?

22 January 2014

Detroit: If you go around in web forums frequently, you recognize that most of them have abilities to make posts sticky.

What is meant by that is that these posts are showed at the top of the forum, and not in sequential order with the rest of the posts.

This is frequently used in forums to put highlight on important, say a post explaining the laws of the forum, or one that has been built by an administrator or moderator that responds to basic questions or gives other information to visitors.

Blogs on the other hand do not utilize sticky posts that frequently. Most show either the articles that have been published in sequential order, or a static frontpage instead.

If you are a WordPress administrator, you may be amazed to hear that the blogging platform holds up sticky posts out of the box.

The feature is rather hidden though which may clarify why most WordPress admins and authors have never heard about it previously or realized it by accident.

It is quite simple to make a particular post sticky. You have to do the following:

  1. Open an existing post or create a new post in the WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Locate the Publish widget here. This is the widget that you can use to save posts as drafts and to publish them.
  3. Locate Visibility there and click on Edit.
  4. Check the "Stick this post to the front page" box and click ok.
  5. This sets the post as the sticky post on WordPress' frontpage.

What this signifies is that it will be exhibited on top of all other posts on the WordPress front page.

There are some limitations though. Initially, the theme that you are employing requires supporting sticky posts. The majority does, but if your theme is greatly customized, it may not.

Next, you can make multiple posts sticky, so that they all are showed on the front page of the blog.

Third, new regular posts that you bring out are added under the sticky posts on the frontpage.

Note: WordPress shows Sticky next to each post in the posts listing in the admin dashboard. This aids you recognize those posts directly and without having to consider the visibility setting of each post independently.

You can eliminate the sticky flag at any time again, which will eradicate the post from the exposed position on the frontpage and move it back to its unique position in the sequential post order.

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