How to Lessen WordPress Server Load?

21 January 2014

Detroit: WordPress is a very influential blogging and content management system, and some of the world’s top sites depend on it. If you employ WordPress for your blog, you may start to experience some lag when traffic begins to pick up, and it may sincerely influence the load on your server. Thus is a usual incidence as your blog ages and becomes more accepted, but it is something you can remedy.

The following are a few guidelines to aid you lessen the amount of load your WordPress site puts on your server:

  • Keep plugins updated – Sometimes a slow site might be owing to a bug in one of your plugins. Try updating them to see if performance picks up. You may also want to try isolating the problem plugin and eliminating/replacing it if there is no solution to its bug.
  • Keep WordPress up-to-date – Like your plugins, new versions of WordPress may fix old performance difficulties. Keeping it advanced cannot hurt.
  • Use caching – Caching is a great way to lessen CPU load. If you have several pages that are often accessed and only seldom (if ever) revised, it makes no logic for PHP to call up your database every single time someone accesses that page. By caching those pages, they will load sooner for users and put less stress on your server.
  • Slim down your theme – Yes, web design can influence performance. A bloated theme with countless extra javascript and needless markup will just slow down your server and need more power. Think optimizing your CSS and Javascript files and only keep around the HTML markup that you really want.
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN) – If you have lots of media (images, video, etc.), a CDN may help you decrease your server’s workload. Your media will be loaded offsite, making it quicker for users and more competent for you.

If you are still having difficulty, your blog hosting provider might aid you or at least give you guidance on how to boost performance.

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