How to Switch from iPhone to Android Without Any Hiccups?

10 July 2015

Detroit: So you have decided to make your move from iOS to Android! But you can’t switch just like that leaving all the important data. How would you switch without any obstacles? Though moving from iOS to Android is not difficult, it’s not that easy to move all your iPhone data to an Android device. You will end up losing your data if you miss a beat. So, make sure that you follow the steps carefully while moving your data.

Here are few instructions that help you switch from iPhone to Android without any hiccups:

  1. Transferring contacts: To transfer the contacts on your iPhone to an Android device, you can make use of iCloud. Navigate to settings and then to iCloud on your iPhone. Just log on to iCloud website on your comp and tap the gear icon which you’ll find at the bottom left, select all and then click Export vCard. Now log on to the Gmail app on your Android device, click on contacts and tap import.
  2. Syncing your calendar: There are several ways to synchronize your iPhone’s calendar to an Android device. But using a third party app called "SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar" is probably the easiest method one can find. Firstly make sure that your iPhone’s calendar is linked to iCloud. Now install the app on your Android device and enter your Apple login ID and password. Select the calendars you wish to sync with your new device and tap finish!
  3. Music: All that you need to do to get the music from iTunes account onto Android is, install Google Music app on the same PC where your iTunes is installed. Also, download and install the Music Manager. Choose iTunes when it asks the location of the Music.  Now you will be able to upload all the tracks and playlists to Google Music. You can also sync any new purchases to your Google Music account automatically.
  4. Photos and videos: It’s always better to use wireless methods to transfer the data instead of connecting the devices to the comp and copying the files. You can transfer your photos/videos using any cloud service. Just download any apps like Google drive or Google Photos on your iPhone and upload the photos or videos you want to transfer. Install the same app on your Android device and download them.
  5. Moving text messages: Though it seems strange to transfer even the messages, there are some people who wish to keep those iPhone text conversations. A third party app called iSMS2droid is the most obvious choice to transfer your text messages. But the app has not been updated for a long time and it might not work for all. Also, it requires you to back up your messages to iTunes and then start searching for the file to convert.

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