Mobile Internet is Expected to Generate Huge Revenue by 2017

12 January 2015

Detroit: Mobile internet revenue is predicted to be more than $700 billion (which is more than the triple of last year’s $200) within the year 2017. The app stores and app distributions are the main drivers for this to happen. A recent research made by Digi-Capital says that the mobile game applications are spreading all over the globe and the opportunity for revenue generation is varying significantly.

It’s really hard to understand that what criteria’s are driving such big numbers, so let us dig and get into the detail of the big mobile internet numbers:

Revenue will be 3 times greater than the previous year:

  • According to a research made by Digi-Capital, mobile commerce is being very dominant with the revenue of over half a trillion dollars in the sales. The other top earners are consumer apps with the revenue of $74 billion and enterprise mobility apps with the revenue of $53 billion. The consumer apps have already shown that they could generate more than $70 billion by 2017.
  • Market for mobile games won’t be the dominant force anymore as other areas are hovered for growth. But not to put the mobile games aside, they continued to generate 3/4th of entire apps revenue in 2013.

App stores are offering wide variety of features:

  • App stores are offering distinct features for users and the enterprises which would augment work environment and experiences. Developers can customize the enterprise apps to provide a convenient access for businesses to download data and tools. So, the businesses will now be able to access version controls and smartphones which might have a transit for mobile apps.
  • Development of enterprise app store might also consolidate security features, admin portals, alerts and other processes for business. Developers can use this strategy as it is one of the key elements for development of app store. Enterprise apps and mobile tools are the best ways for a business to be updated.

Mobile devices are transforming daily lives:

  • Mobile devices and mobile internet are in hot trend these days and they are changing the lives of people along with their work environment. With the continuously evolving areas, users will have to adapt to disruptive industries and the new tools for the future improvement.
  • Smartphones and mobile apps are capable of surpassing traditional computers these days. So the developers can see variety of opportunities within these and other markets. You must also note that mobile computing is making a considerable transformation and the mobile platforms are being an advantage for developers and the organization to improve the flexibility, value and productivity.

Partial success is not a good sign for future investment in any field, so the above highlighted points on mobile internet investment could help you in deciding about the investment. Major opportunities can be seen in app store/distribution, m-commerce, advertising/marketing, education, enterprise/B2B, games and other entertainment.

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