SEO 101: Driving Traffic to Your Website

21 January 2014

Detroit: If you’re an Internet entrepreneur, website owner, or tech startup owner and SEO isn’t part of your marketing strategy, you are behind the curve. Search engine optimization, or SEO, works on one fundamental principle: People are possibly to find your webpage through a search engine, and the lower your webpage ranks, the less likely it is that anyone will notice it.

How it Works?

Search engines strive hard to give the maximum rankings to significant, trustworthy pages that the person seeking is likely to find helpful. By examining each webpage, the engines can give the finest match to the group of keywords the searcher entered.

The engines look into your page for meta data, keywords, page title, links, and other factors to decide how fair or authoritative your page is. By optimizing these aspects to jive with search engines’ protocols, you can boost your chances of being highly ranked when someone looks for subject matter pertinent to that which appears on your site.

It Doesn’t Take Much

Comprehensive SEO can completely restructure webpages to obey an overall SEO strategy, but that’s major surgery you probably don’t need.

 First things first: Search for your website. Don’t do it by name; do it by subject the way you would if you were actually searching. If you run a store called Vinny’s Vinyl that sells secondhand records in Toledo, search “secondhand records Toledo” and see where Vinny’s appears. If it’s in the top three, great! You’re well optimized. If it’s down too low, go through the text on your main page and see how many times the words “secondhand,” “records,” and “Toledo” come out and in what order. Behind good content, keywords are the secret to good SEO.

White Hat, Black Hat

Owing to immoral strategies used by immoral webpage designers, frequently called black hat SEO, search engines have gotten clever to spammers trying to get undeserving pages ranked higher up.

Moral, professional plans, called white hat SEO, have the aim of getting their pages ranked high and keeping them there in place of squeezing as much as you can out of a temporarily high ranking before getting observed and banned. White hat SEO provides convincing content; lawful, non-spam links; useful information; and applicable keywords that don’t try to disguise, hide, or “stuff” unrelated keywords or metadata on a page where it doesn’t fit in.

Good content is the vertebrae of strong SEO. If you have appealing, convincing content and pertinent, well-written text, you are well on your way to being positioned where you fit in. SEO cannot and must not try to mask bad pages as good pages. It just gives a boost up to pages that by now are worth a click for someone searching your subject.

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