Transform Your Site into a Single Page Application

12 December 2014

Detroit: With the rising growth in number of devices, browsers and platforms, single page applications are gaining more importance. JavaScript and HTML5 are the top-class platforms for web application development today. As a result, common pattern for building an extensive digital strategy is getting smoother. Many platforms like PhoneGaplet used to create apps using JavaScript and HTML5, which can later be transformed and cross-compiled for other mobile platforms like Android, BB, iOS and Windows.

Single page applications (SPAs)

Single page applications (SPAs) are web applications which steadily run on the same page without having to load any other pages for further navigation. The entire code needed for initial loading of such applications will be driven either by local data or the data retrieved from a web server on demand. The concept behind single page applications is, irrespective of interactions users might have with the application, the page shouldn’t get reloaded or be controlled by another pages outside.

Nowadays, most of the organizations would first start promoting their businesses with a website, then a mobile website and later an application. The normal way to get through with this is to build a website with a responsive layout and later developing an application which plugs into the existing content store. But this works out only if you have experts in iOS or Java, and it fails when it comes to extensibility.

So, is there any solution for such issues? Certainly yes! JavaScript solves most of the cross-platform issues. But you will not be developing a website anymore. As Google doesn’t index the content loaded with AJAX, you will lose the key tenets of good web architecture (accessibility and progressive enhancement).

Today most of the websites are developed using model view controller (MVC) architecture and the applications which depend on data loaded on demand, will be built using model-view-view model (MVVM) architecture. Both are inter-related, but slightly differ in event management. MVC would have an action to manage events like submission of data. But MVVM would have a distinct event for managing user interface updates.

Advantages of single page applications:

  1. All necessary data will be available via same kind of API: SPA allows users to test their REST API’s. It means that as the app grows, API will grow by itself; users don’t have to maintain API as a distinct add-on to the application.   
  2. Most responsive: As the data loaded on to the initial page is transferred in a compact format, the data requests will obviously be faster.

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