The Undeniable Significance of Mobile Apps in Your Business

17 October 2014

Detroit: Mobile application is a computer program designed to run on the smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Mobile applications have gained such an importance that the customers in today’s world are on the move and they use application platforms to get there. It has to be agreed that the mobile applications allow users to have any information at their fingertips. But, web is the only major computing platform that has ever existed without having a vendor.

Nowadays, mobile applications are putting aside the web works and overtaking them in terms of usage. But still, web works are widely used in certain categories like news search and in the area of commerce.

Why mobile applications are getting over web works?

  • Evolution in mobile Technology: Smartphones are being evolved continuously with the regular release of an updated OS version. Mobile applications are available in the wide variety from different app stores. High speed internet connection is also a main reason for a significant transformation in the way consumers are using their mobile devices. However, the change in mind set of people has made the designers to be more focused on web works.
  • User experience:  Web works fail to provide a user experience as rich as a mobile application does. The graphics and effects are limited by bandwidth and technology while using responsive design technique, whereas mobile applications are capable of offering rich graphic effects. It’s quite easy to use mobile apps when compared to the responsive websites.
  • Development cycle and cost: Developing a website using responsive web design technique takes longer time when compared to the development of mobile applications. The cost of developing a responsive website is also higher when compared to the development cost of mobile applications.

For every business owner, it’s a difficult to make a call when deciding between a responsive web design and a mobile application. Because both web works and mobile apps have their own pros and cons. So, a business owner has to decide according to the requirements. Instead of making an existing website mobile friendly, it’s more likely to design a mobile application which offers a unique and compelling experience to the customers. No matter what the business is, but a mobile application can definitely help you get the customers and retain them for long time. Mobile app is not only a marketing tool to retain customers, but it also allows them to be engaged in a whole new way.

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