The WordPress Notification Bar Plugin to Obtain More Clicks Turns Out to be SquBar

21 January 2014

Detroit: Notifications play a crucial role in escalating the conversion rates and click through rates for any website. The thought of WordPress notification plugin SqueezeBar was instigated from what big brands employ in their web browsers to capture user notice; by popping out little notifications. IdeaKloud who created the plugin lately made a declaration stating the company is rebranding the notification bar plugin to SquBar with added features.

How to Obtain More Clicks?

The newer edition of the plugin would have the skill to offer a solution to the conversion problem in an efficient manner. The plugin’s key idea is to boost the conversion rate of a website, by drawing more users and converting them into original customers thus delivering more clicks. The plugin aids users to build attractive notification bars in their websites, and make the visitors click on associate links or sign up in a more influential way.

SquBar comes with quite a few new features compared to the previous version. The One-click Auto Update feature aids the users to revise all the new features and updates in a single click right from the WordPress dashboard. Rather than loading the plugin as the site loads, the user can set a time delay for the same. Loading the notification bar in the footer of the site is an extra benefit, in escalating the speed of the whole website. The user can also set the size of the notification bar to small or large. It will only alter the height of the notification bar, without having an effect on its 100% width.

Obtain More Clicks

One of the possible features obtainable with updated plugin is that, the user can set a notification sound when the plugin loads in their WordPress website to get more clicks. Last but not the least; the notification bar will emerge in an elegant manner like falling from the top to the bottom of the website, this feature makes the plugin unique and more efficient to capture the eye-balls of the visitors.

Mervik Haums the man behind new thoughts and projects of IdeaKloud said: “The rebranded plugin will be accessible soon, hopefully by October 2013. We are doing our best to ensure SquBar assists webmasters and small business owners obtain more clicks, and let them to search maximum conversion and leads. The SquBar plugin is created in a way to make any notifications show up and assist users resolve their main problem how to get more leads.

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