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When visitors see your site, they form a notion about you and your business in the first 30 seconds, but it doesn’t end there – user experience and look across the whole website is critical to attain your objectives. From graphical styles to best UI decision making and testing, Fortune Softtech Detroit is your partner in offering expert and successful web design Services Company. Our proficient team of designers has diverse experience in an array of web designing technologies including basic HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, Java Script, XML, PHP, Pearl, and CGI and creates dazzling graphics and GUI for your ambitious web app or portal design. Some of our patrons have a very precise thought or need for their website. For those individuals we discuss the project details and come about with a custom proposal.

Your thriving web design project needs exact planning and preparation. Being prominent online gets harder by the day and we make it simple for you. Allow us design your cutting-edge site to match the excellence of your content.  

Our Design Process

Creating a website entails planning so as to make it successful. We at Fortune Softtech Detroit, follow two-step process to amaze our patrons and please them with personalized website design services.

Step One: Talk about Your Requirements with Us

Establish communication with us and discuss your project and aims and we can work on a project outline that suits your needs.

Step Two: Collect and systematize Your Content

The next and most significant step in creating a website is to collect and systematize your content. Consider the information you want to present to your visitors.

·         What information is vital?

·         What parts of information are less important?

Normally speaking when you are starting your site it is best to concentrate on the necessary information you want to reach out to your visitors and then eventually add extra pages and information. This has the additional benefit of keeping the content new on your site which in turn makes Google and other prominent search engines value in their rankings.

Usually your content is going to be broken up into text content, images, photographs and artwork, and tables of information. Good images actually improve the visual appeal of your site. Make your visitors experience like they recognize your business or organization on the first visit.

Once you have decided what facts you want to incorporate on your site, consider how to sensibly split this information into the pages of your site. Then think through the navigation of your site. If you are thinking to incorporate more content over time, how will this new content be incorporated into the current site?

Fortune Softtech Custom Website Design considers all your needs and requirements and becomes your intimate on the way to your perfect web site.


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